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First 8 Studios ™ at WGBH creates mobile learning experiences for children from birth through age 8, their parents, and teachers. We partner with researchers, schools, and families in order to build the research base for understanding early learning with technology.
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Early Math with Gracie & Friends is a math curriculum based on the Next Generation Preschool Math research project and funded by the National Science Foundation. The research focused on the development of 8 learning apps, 38 hands-on and traditional preschool activities, and a digital Teacher's Guide — all designed and tested for preschool classroom use.

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Our Story

WGBH is a children's educational media pioneer. First 8 Studios carries this spirit into today's mobile world.

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Gold-standard research, funded by the National Science Foundation, serves as the foundation of our work. Early Math with Gracie & Friends™ was built on years of iterative prototype development and testing.

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We partner with learning scientists at the Center for Children and Technology at EDC and SRI International to infuse our products with research.

They are learning more than just math. They are learning language. They are learning sharing. They have to learn to work together. It's opened up so much for them. I can’t even express how amazing this program is. As a teacher, I would recommend it to anyone. I mean, this has changed me. This has changed my kids.

– Melisa Perez, preschool teacher for 16 years

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