Our Story

Team members from First 8 Studios at WGBH play with children on tablets in a preschool classroom.

"As long as we keep children at the heart of this and learning at the center, and we continue to evolve our practices in collaboration with partners – preschool partners, research partners – I think we can have confidence that we will build out a new age for public media, for learning with technology. This is what we do and why we do it."
- Christine Zanchi, Executive Producer, Gracie & Friends

WGBH Educational Foundation has pioneered children's educational media for decades. First 8 Studios at WGBH is dedicated to carrying this pioneering spirit into the digital, mobile world, building and researching new learning experiences for children, their parents and teachers from birth through age 8. Gold-standard research, funded by the National Science Foundation, serves as the foundation of our work. So does an ongoing commitment to the teachers and children we have worked with, and continue to work with, to give them a voice in the digital media development process. The countless hours we've spent with them have shaped Early Math with Gracie & Friends™ beyond measure. You'll find evidence of those little fingerprints and big hearts throughout the Gracie & Friends experience.

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